Louboutin ROUGE on my nails, and they match the soles of my heels!


Let the soles of your heels match the purse that you hold and the nail polish you wear!

The luxurious nail lacquer was inspired by the tallest heel Louboutin ever created in 2007, the Ballerina Ultima, with a stiletto-like 8-inch cap, matching the ultima’s original heel design.

One of the most expensive nailpolish products to hit the high-end beauty departments, compared to what we thought was pricey for a nail lacquer, a 27$ Chanel one, the red loubies polish was released last week, priced at 50$!

So where did the nail polish light-bulb moment stem from anyway? Christian Louboutin told the Rouge Louboutin tale: “The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago.”

On 49th street and 5th avenue in New York, SAKS Fifth Avenue’s window is luxouriously shinning with the Louboutin lacquer display, a site that is hard to resist and hard to miss. It is the first to show-case the nail polish, and will be followed on the 6th of August, 2014 by 15 Louboutin boutiques in the U.S.

The search for that perfect red color that matches those perfect red shoes, has finally ended! Sorry Essie, China Glaze, and ORLY, but when we are searching for that serious redness, we now know what to pick!



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