That Kylie Jenner lip though…


Perhaps one of the most sought lip look today, the Kylie lip is perfect and so easy to achieve

After her Instagram post flaunting her sexy mauve-brown lips went viral, she got everyone saying “That Kylie Jenner lip though…”!

Kylie’s latest look is inspired by the iconic Angelina Jolie, whom Kylie posted a picture of on her own Instagram account with a caption of “everything”, (yes we all love Angelina, I even named my daughter after her!).

The CBB team hunted down that lip and we are here to show you how to achieve it!

The lip contour is so ‘90s, thus the emphasis on hard-lining the lip.

  1. Using MAC Cosmetic’s lip liner in the shade “Whirl”, outline your lips with a heavy hand (yup that’s right)

  2. Fill in the rest of your lip with a lighter hand also using MAC’s whirl, but make sure that the contour of your lips is slightly bolder

  3. Apply MAC Cosmetic’s lipstick in the shade “Faux” to your lips, but only to the middle sections (do not apply lipstick to the contour of your lips as that would lessen the lipliner effect)

Always setting trends, the Kardashian-Jenners are definitely our Californian Beauties! That’s why we have them on the watch to see what’s Cali-buzzin’, so always make sure to come back to our blog for new beauty secrets.



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