Yves Saint Laurent’s new Fusion Ink Foundation


NASA + Makeup + High-tech? Yves Saint Laurent did it!

12,000 women are on the wait-list in the UK to get Cara Delevigne’s flawless skin, the new beauty face for YSL. There must be a good reason for that and it can’t be that they’re all PMSing!

YSL dropped a product that will be life-changing, as it is all about space-age technology revolutionizing the way foundation is made and the way it appears on the skin.

Inspired by Nasa scientists, it was developed to keep the skin matte and control the skin’s humidity for a long period by trapping particles in the same way Nasa would do to capture stellar dust particles in outer space.

It contains microscopic particles, giving it that honeycomb structure of lipophilic actives, science-jargon aside, that translates into: it makes the skin water, heat, and sweat resistant, and even smoothens skin and reduces wrinkles.

It’s texture is inky, meaning that it doesn’t leave that cakey, heavy foundation look that other brands do.

Why is it CBB Beautylicious?

Fine-as-ink formula that perfects the skin
Silky lightweight finish
High-tech foundation that lasts for 24 hours
One swipe in the morning and you’re free from touch-ups
Perfect for oily skin
Soft matte effect to get rid of the oiliness.
Helps cell turnover and has remarkable healing qualities when used on scar tissue
SPF 18

How to apply it:

Shake the bottle
Dab the product to your face using the wand that came with it
Blend using a duo-fiber brush



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