Home-Spa Ritual with Aqua Spa Bath


Pamper yourself!

You deserve it! Life can be stressing at times, and you need that “time for myself”.

If YOU don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Your skin and senses need all the relaxation possible, and for your skin to look youthful and last you for the next decades, it needs proper care!

What you can do for your skin:

– Protect it

– Enrich it with minerals

– Nourish it

– Soothe it

– Condition it


My in-home spa treat recommendation is Aqua Spa Bath’s Sooth Collection Eucalyptus + Mint.

The reason why I chose it is because it has eucalyptus and mint, which are soothing and relaxing for the skin, and this line contains Marine Youth Complex that helps protect skin from premature aging, stimulates cell renewal, and boosts collagen. Also, none of the products contain paragons or formaldehyde donors, so it’s all safe!

I personally love doing in-home spa treatments because it is such a pleasurable experience and it really makes me feel good after a long tiring day.

My current body care ritual goes as follows, and I do this once a week:

1. Bath Soak

I fill up my bath tub with water and I add to it some of the Aqua Spa Soothe Bath Soak, and I lay in it for a good 10-15 minutes.

This helps with revitalizing tired muscles and it’s just so relaxing!

2. Body Cleanser

I cleanse my body with the Aqua Spa Soothe Body Cleanser, as it removes impurities without over-drying, which is very important because you don’t want to be using a cleanser that leaves your skin super dry.

The plus about this is that it contains Marine Youth Complex with helps in diminishing the signs of aging!

3. Bath Oil

At the end of my shower, I rinse my body with the Aqua Spa Soothe Bath Oil.

This is some serious hydrating oil, it brings back moisture to the skin and also helps protect against aging.

4. Body Cream



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