As a Makeup Artist: How to “foundation and oily skin”


Ask a Makeup Artist: How to make foundation last all day on oily skin?

Oily skin secretes more oil because the oil glands are over-stimulated, thus producing more oil than your skin really needs. Although people with oily skin have the luxury of aging at a slower rate than people with dry/sensitive skin, they do suffer from that “shine” especially on the T-Zone, and this is where trouble comes.

How do you get your foundation to stay in place on your t-zone, without having the shiny disco ball effect?

Working as a makeup artist on set for TV/film shoots and for fashion shows, my main focus and mission was to give the cast members/models a non-shiny face. I will share with you some tricks that will help you beat those oils and give you a pretty matte finish on the areas that happen to be full of shine :)

4 steps, if done right, they will give you a perfect matte, non-shiny face all day!

1. Use an oil-free primer

The primer will create a barrier between your skin and the foundation layer and will allow it to glide on smoothly. Plus, the primer will mattify the surface oils, will cover pores, imperfections, and lines, and will make your foundation last longer.


2. Use an oil-free foundation

This is imperative, because if you use a foundation that has oils in it, it will double the oil production and will make your shine worst.

My recommendation: MAKE UP FOR EVERMat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

3. Powder your oily areas

This is a must, and this is what will make it last. Powder your oily areas, and when we say powder, we mean by patting and pushing the powder into your skin, and not rubbing it or brushing it. This way, the powder will be absorbed by the foundation and will mattify the texture, making it shine-free.

My recommendation: Makeup Forever SUPER MATTE LOOSE POWDER

4. Touch-up with oil-absorbing paper

Use the blotting paper during the day when you feel it’s getting shiny up there. The key is how to do it without removing your makeup. It’s simple, you hold the blotting paper and your press it on to your nose, chin, or forehead, avoiding any rubbing. It’s just a simple pressing motion that would absorb the small amount of oils that came to the surface, without removing the makeup. If you rub the area, you will end up removing the makeup. Then if you feel you need it, reapply a small amount of powder back on the area with a light tapping motion, and you’re all set to go!

My recommendation: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues

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