Dare to go Bare? I woke up like this! *Flawless*


Our favorite celebs do, and we do too!

These ladies have nothing to hide. Their message is loud and clear: “We are normal people without makeup, and we are still beautiful”!

When a girl wears makeup, it’s an accessory! Just like she wears a belt to accentuate her waist. She isn’t trying to hide herself! She is just trying to cover the usually-non-existing blemish or two, or the remains of one! Perhaps add a bit of glow to open up her eyes so that their gorgeous color shows even more. So it’s really about accentuating what already exists. It’s not plastic surgery.

As makeup artists, we are able to do a complete transformation, but the ultimate purpose of makeup for daily-wear is not to achieve a transformation. When the objective of a photoshoot or videoshoot is to transform a person into another, for theatrical/dramatic/special effects, we use makeup to pull off 3D illusions to mislead the human eye, tricking it to look elsewhere or tricking it to see something else than what is underneath.

Obviously these celebrities are gorgeous with or without makeup. So does makeup really change who you are? No! When there are a zillion camera flashes on their faces, if they weren’t wearing makeup their faces would look very pale and sick, because the photos are being taken in an artificial setting, thus the need for color (i.e makeup!).

The beauty secret lies within the skin, and not the makeup. When a girl has flawless skin, she will look good with or without makeup. However, when a girl has bad skin, she will not look good with and without makeup.

Take good care of your skin ladies, so that it would last you for the next decades :)

Our Editor-in-Chief, Maya Mansour, dares to go bare too, do you?


CBB Team

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