210 New Artist Eyeshadows from Makeup Forever


Looking for some new beautylicious shadows?

Makeup Forever did a massive revamp for it’s entire eyeshadow collection.

In 1984 they only had 100 eyeshadows.

They just dropped 210 new eyeshadows like that, bam! They are their new “Artist Shadow” collection. Who can do that other than the one and only MUFE?

These 210 babies are available in 5 different textures and finishes: matte, satin, metal, diamond, and iridescent.

What’s amazing about them? They are highly pigmented. Technical jargon: they are based on a breakthrough formula “Pigment Atomization” which delivers 88% pigment and “Water-Blend” technology that allows you to blend them easily, and can add water to activate them.

88% pigment is the highest that it could get when it comes to eyeshadow.

I’m a proud Makeup Forever Academy Alumni, and I cannot express my joy any further with this whole new line.

Ladies, head over to the Makeup Forever counters and check them out, they are to die for!

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