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I have experimented with a lot of hair extensions, and today I will bring you my own views of the various hair extension types out there and my best recommendation.

When it comes to hair, it either makes or breaks your look. You really can get away with any makeup look on your face as long as you have ‘a good hair day’! Some mascara, a dab of tinted moisturizer, light blush, and a lipgloss, and you’re all dolled-up!

My personal journey with hair extensions:

I love voluminous and long hair! Whenever I have an occasion, I resort to my hair extensions to give me that big gorgeous hair look.

One piece clip-ins:

I started off with the traditional one piece hair extensions, and I would wear them from ear to ear.

The problem with these ones was that they are just ONE piece, and the whole hair is sewed in one piece, thus making the whole extension feel heavy on the head.

Having all that weight concentrated in one area ultimately meant that the clips needed to be bulkier so that they would hold on better in order to support that massive weight. As a result, the clips would pull on my natural hair, and a couple of hours after wearing them I would not only feel the tucking, but I would also get a headache from all the pulling.

Sometimes the hair extension would show as a bump in the back of my head because of it’s thickness.

Micro-beads hair extensions

Once I got tired of the weight on my head, I moved on to the micro-beads hair extensions. Basically the beads attach the hair pieces (or you can put the whole strip) to your natural hair semi-permanently. You would need to get them moved up every time they slip down the hair shaft.

To be honest, I loved the way that I did not need to clip in and clip out the extensions at night, but I hated everything else about them. They were very uncomfortable to start with, they didn’t feel right, and on top of that showering my hair was very uncomfortable.

I ended up having a big knotting my hair because they got caught up in one of the beads, and I had them removed 4 weeks later. I will never try them again. To add to that, whenever I styled my hair, I felt the beads would heat up and that ultimately over-heated my own hair thus resulting in damage.

Tape-in hair extensions:

I then came across the hair extension tape-ins, which are basically glued to your hair. I did not get them done, for the same reason as with the micro-beads, and after much research, I learned that they are very high maintenance, and that they fall off frequently, not to mention the high cost of replacing them.

Most importanty, they are very uncomfortable to shower with and you have to be very cautious while showering so you do not pull on them, and certain hair products can break the glue that holds them together, causing them to fall off quickly.

Then came the Bellami Hair Extensions!

If I had to personally customize the hair extensions that I wanted, they would be the Bellamis!

First of all, to solve the whole heavy weight issue, the bellami hair extensions are not a one-piece hair extension, they are made of several hair pieces (depending on the type of extensions you select), and the weight is distributed evenly across your head making them really weightless!

I know it may be a hassle to apply multiple pieces to your head instead of just one, but trust me it is a better option because having one piece with all the weight is really not good for your hair.

Practice makes perfect, once you become familiar with them, you will be getting them in your hair in no time.

Also, the fact that they come in multiple pieces makes them so convenient for you to place them wherever you like in your head. You are not bound to put in all of them too, just play around with them and figure out your comfort zone with them!

Second of all, the actual clips used are of very high quality, they glide right through your hair without poking and hurting your scalp. They are really gentle.

Third of all, they are produced with 100% Remy human hair. What does this mean? This means you can treat them like your own hair, you can style them with flat or curling irons, wash them, and even use hair coloring on them (with caution though).

Fourth of all, they are made with a multi-tone adapt coloring system, which means that they will blend beautifully with your natural hair. Make sure you select the color that is closest to your hair color, and the hair extensions will figure their way out in blending!

Bellami Hair ships worldwide, they have an amazing return policy, and they also have a live chat option where you ask all the questions you want before making the order.

I strongly recommend you check them out: and use coupon codeMAYABEAUTY5 for a discount on your purchase.

I am wearing the Guy Tang Balayage #8/#60 20″ 220 grams.

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How To Pick Your Perfect Color of Clip-In Extensions:

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