Best 4 Things To Do In The Shower


We all have busy schedules, and it is really hard to pin us down and get us to treat ourselves to some beauty time. Living life in the fast lane sometimes makes us forget about ourselves and neglect our body.

If you set up a “shower routine”, you will make sure not to miss out on your “ME-time”!

These things literally take minutes to do and they will make such a dramatic difference. The fact that you can incorporate them in your shower will easily make them a part of your life and will make you stick to a regimen bound for success.


Time: 2 minutes!!!

A luxuriously pampering creamy salt scrub with softening butters from Africa.

This will leave your skin soft and smooth!

It’s amazing for all skin types especially those with dry skin who need to exfoliate their skin regularly.

Simply massage it onto your skin during the shower and rinse it thoroughly. You will be amazed by the improvement in your skin texture.

2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil with Vitamin E

Time: Less than 30 seconds!!

This is a very light oil specially formulated with pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to help soften and soothe rough, dry skin.

This is NOT a greasy product, so don’t get scared by the term “oil”!

  • Lightly Scented

  • Fast Absorbing

  • Leaves Skin Silky Soft

This rich formula absorbs quickly, allowing you to put on even the most delicate of fabrics immediately.

If you add this on to your normal shower regimen, your entire skin texture will change and will become smoother and healthier.

 The deeply hydrating cocoa butter and the skin-strengthening benefits of vitamin E make this body oil an important part of daily skin care.

This light body oil is high in fatty acids, it helps add moisture to skin cells to allow them to live, function and grow.

In the Bath:  Add 1-2 capfuls under running water for a moisturizing, soothing bath.  Pat dry.

Our Recommendation: Apply 1-2 capfuls to the palms of your hands and massage it on to your skin at the end of the shower. Leave on for a few seconds. Pat dry.

3. IT’S A 10 – Miracle Hair Mask

Time: 3 minutes!!! 

Literally a 10/10! This hair mask not only smells amazingly, it keeps your hair smelling amazingly the next day too.

This really is a miracle hair mask that treats dry, damaged, or over-processed hair.

For daily use: Work a quarter-sized amount of It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask through wet, freshly shampooed hair, focusing on the ends first. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse with warm water followed by a cool water rinse.

For intensive deep conditioning: Apply a medium palm-sized amount all over hair, and comb through. Wrap with plastic and a damp warm towel and leave under heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with a cool-water rinse if desired.

4. Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

Time: 30 seconds!!!

Don’t let the word “peel” scare you off. This is such a simple to use product, you will be surprised.

It’s an amazing and safe peel, for all skin types. It eliminates the dead, dry, and dull skin cells and toxins. It is a water-activated exfoliator and it does its job perfectly well without harsh abrasiveness.

Expect instantly brighter skin. It helps even out the skin tone and provides a soft complexion. Also, it allows your treatment products to penetrate deeper into your skin since it removes those dead skin cells that block them from doing so properly.

Literally takes 30 seconds, just pour some of the powder out from the bottle, add a couple of drops of water to it, and massage it on to your skin. Wash it off, and you are done!

Tip 1: Do this at the end of your shower, after you have washed your hair. Follow through with a toner and a moisturizer.

Tip 2: Please note that you should not store the product within the shower area because this is water-activated and you do not want water to penetrate in to the bottle. Make sure it is within arms reach. Close the lid tightly after every use.

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