Confessions of a ‘Beauty-holic’! 9 Things I Will Never Do!


9 Things I will never do.

Some I learned by practice and from experience, and others I learned the hard way. I’m here to share with you some of my beauty secrets, and when I say I never do them, I literally mean never. I live by these rules, for darn good reasons!

1. I never leave the house without sunscreen. Why? Wrinkles, baby!

2. I never style/expose my hair to heat on the same day I get it colored/highlighted. Your hair is at its weakest when you get it colored and the heat from the blow dryer/flat iron/ curling iron will stretch and break it. It’s best to wait 2 days and then give your hair the pretty blow out!

3. I never skip a hair deep-conditioning mask when I’m in the shower. I blogged about this before, but in summary I optimize my shower regimen to include a deep conditioning treatment and this has really taken my hair to another level.

4. I never skip a “Sunday Facial”! I have dedicated every Sunday to be my facial day. I do a deep cleanse, I exfoliate my skin, and do a peel and mask treatments. Whether you do it yourself at home or go to a salon, I strongly advise you to get into the facial habit.

5. I never go to bed without applying eye cream. Your eyes, more precisely the skin area around them, need all the relaxation and revitalization they could get, so give it to them at night while they rejuvinate.

6. I never go to bed without removing my makeup. My next post will be dedicated entirely to this topic. I will tell you exactly why I don’t sleep in my makeup and I promise you won’t either after reading it.

7. I never got any lip injections or any sort of thing done to my lips, and I am 100% against it, and I will never do it. I will also explain why, in a future post.

8. I will never get any permanent makeup done on my face, a.k.a tattoo. I got my eyebrows filled in with semi-permanent makeup 12 years ago and it is the most thing I regret in life. Luckily I was able to get rid of it, and this was one of the main reasons why I became an Esthetician and got in to the field. I will also blog all about this too in a future post! But in short, I do not advise anyone to get permanent work done on their face.

9. I never share lipstick with anyone and will never use it straight from a tester tube. I am extremely cautious with that and for the obvious reasons of hygiene and preventing the transmission of diseases.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something beneficial.

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