The Proper Way To Remove Your Makeup


Remember those nights when you were too lazy to wash off your makeup? Of course you remember them, because you woke up the next day looking like a raccoon! Well we are going to tell you why you should never repeat those bad choices again, and we are going to show you how to properly cleanse your face!

During the day, our skin is exposed to numerous pollutants in the environment. Makeup tends to hold on to these free radicals and if they are not washed off, your skin begins experiencing problems.


Your skin at night goes into a self-repair mode, where it heals itself. This is one of the most awesome things about the largest organ in the body, it repairs itself by itself. If we leave makeup on it, the actually makeup products tend to grab tight on to free radicals. You basically end up with a mix of makeup residue and free radicals on your face. These free radicals will weaken the collagen in your skin and eventually lead to premature aging. That’s the easiest recipe for wrinkles!

Moreover, the free radicals attract acne-causing bacteria, and you end up breaking out. That’s another easy recipe for pimples!

Our recommendation:

Tripple cleanse. Yes tripple and not double nor single! 

When in desperate need, you can resort to the facial wipes. I am not a fan of facial wipes because I believe that you should never pull on your skin, ever. Unless you are traveling or do not have access to your facial cleansers that’s when it’s okay to use the facial wipes.

The regimen goes as follows:

1. First Cleanse

Using Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple – One-step facial cleanser

It is an award-winning cleanser for a reason. Being a 3-in-1 cleanser, it cleanses, tones, and lightly hydrates the skin leaving it clean and balanced.

In just one step, all the face and EYE makeup is melted away.

I personally love the fact that this is a cleanser that is safe to use on the eyes. I actually skip the cotton with makeup remover step and dive right in to cleansing with this product because I do not want to rub on my eyes and irritate them.

However, when I am done my entire cleansing routine, if I find stubborn waterproof eyeliner or mascara residue on my eyes, I then go ahead with cotton and some makeup remover and very gently wipe them away.

Your skin will not feel dry after washing your face with this, as a matter of fact it would feel lightly hydrated and this cleanser will actually maintain the skin’s proper moisture level.

How to Use it:

Lightly dampen your face and massage a small amount of the cleanser on to your face. Rinse and pat dry.

Step 2: Second Cleanse

Also using Philosophy’s Purite Made Simple Cleanser

Do another round of cleansing with the same Philosophy purity made simple cleanser, but this time take only half the amount that you used initially. Make sure you clean under your jaw line and behind your ears (even your hairline and side burns), because some of the makeup residue may have leaked there and found it as a perfect hiding spot, and then you find pimples there too the following week!

Step 3: Third Cleanse

Now that you have removed your makeup in the most gentle and peaceful way you possibly could, you can actually use your regular facial cleanser at this point.

The facial cleanser you should be using here is one designated for your specific skin condition and skin type. Some are soothing, some are deep pore cleansing, others are moisturizing, and others are made for sensitive skin types. Here is where you should invest in a good facial cleanser because this is the cleanser that will be actually treating your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, make sure you use one that has some salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, as these ingredients target the acne-causing bacteria.

Follow through with a toner and moisturizer, and we recommend they be of the same brand and line as the facial cleanser in step 3.


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