How To Get Whiter Teeth With Lipstick


A red lipstick that will make your teeth whiter

You’re most probably wondering, huh??

You read that right!

Here’s the deal, a red lipstick with a blue/cool undertone will make your teeth look whiter.

On the other hand, there are some lipsticks with a warm undertone that can make your teeth look more yellow/less white. So be careful with your color selection. We are not saying that they ALL do, but we are drawing your attention to the fact that some warm colors will reflect yellowness.

If you are still confused, let’s make it simple: A red lipstick that will definitely make your teeth look whiter is: Lime Crime’s Velvitine in Red Velvet. This is a red-blue, meaning it has a cool undertone, and this brightens up the teeth.

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For a complete tutorial on the look, check out the video:

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