How to highlight your face!


If you haven’t watched that quick highlighting demo, make sure you watch it! It is a life-changer!

The Balm’s highlighter ‘Mary Lou Manizer’ is honestly one of the best highlighters that I have laid my hands on. I have used tons and tons of highlighters, and there are so many amazing ones out there, but there is something about this specific one that really had me saying ‘WOW’!!

The glow that it adds to the face is a velvety one, not a shimmery nor a glittery one. It makes the skin look like it is really glowing from within and not just from the outside. There is something about that champagne color that just transforms your face in seconds!

Just by adding it on top of your cheek bones will instantly give you that lifted and glowing look. You can apply it using a precision brush, fan brush, or even your finger!

We are by no means sponsored by The Balm Cosmetics to write this review, this is a complete 100% honest review of the product.

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