The New Ultra Matte Lip


Trending now on the runway and in the world of beauty is the “Matte Lip”.

A matte lip is basically a lip look created using a highly-pigmented and non-shiny and non-creamy lipstick, leaving the lips looking literally “matte”. The great thing this kind of lipstick finish is that it is long-lasting and stays put in place, much longer than the glossy and shiney alternatives.

Sometimes when we go heavy on the eye makeup, we want to tone down the lips to create a balance and softness in the face, and this is where the matte lip comes handy. Also, matte lips are great for the day as they will not look as intense as glossy lips, and the great thing about them is they require less touch up.

Almost all of the makeup companies out there have introduced a matte lipstick line, and they have all done a great job with their products in their own way, I have tried out most of them. Some last longer than others, some have prettier colors, some have even prettier packaging, and some had more moisturizing properties than others.

However, Motives Cosmetics just released their new ‘ultra matte’ lipstick and they caught my attention last weekend in Miami at the Market America World Conference, and that’s why they have made it to the blog!

8 new shades from Motives Cosmetics! I love the fact that they have broken them down to 8 and not a zillion. They come in the typical lipstick form and not in tube form. The cool thing about these is that although the end result is a matte look, they still have a luxurious, creamy texture that keeps your lips looking smooth and crack-free.

To order these products within the United States and Canada, click here!

For INTERNATIONAL orders, click here!

For the perfect nude lip, here’s TENDER (a beigy nude)

and here’s FETISH (more of a pinky nude)

Add more color but still pull off that nude lip with some more pink, with PLEASE ME:

and with some more pinkish-brown with KISSABLE:

 For a pop of color, here’s SEX-POT and IRRESISTABLE:

For the perfect fuschia, here’s TEMPTING:

 and lastly, if you are feeling vampy, here’s KINKY:

As makeup artists, we try our best to eliminate the shine from our makeup, unless we are intending to create a shiny look. Sometimes we opt for a matte lipstick because we do not want a shine to reflect in our pictures. Other times we just want to tone down a super dark smokey eye so we try to create equilibrium by adding a nude matte lip to the look. These 8 colors are great, you can really use them in so many different ways. Don’t forget to mix colors, this is where the fun begins!



Photograph credits: Motives Cosmetics



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