How to transform any ‘Eyeshadow’ to ‘Eyeliner’.


I personally love playing with colors, and I find this product so amusing! The fact that I can take any eyeshadow color that I like and make an eyeliner out of it in just seconds is just beyond amazing. Yes I love my eyeliners, and this will not stop me from buying more, but it will definitely give me the option of more colors and more control over the result I want.

Sometimes I may not have the exact color I’m looking for, and other times I can’t find the liner that I want, or my client wants a specific color, I just use this product!

It’s very easy to use: Just dip the brush tip of “Liquif-eye” from along edge/rim of the eyeshadow you like, and you’ll get water resistant & smudge-proof eyeliner. When you are done, just wipe the brush with tissue paper. Don’t worry if you see some color remaining on the brush tip, it will not affect the bottle contents as long as you just wipe it properly before returning it to the container.

You can find this product on amazon if you are unable to find it at the company’s site. I also heard that Elf Cosmetics has a similar type of product that does the same thing. Regardless which one you get your hands on, you will definitely enjoy this product because it is really a great one to have on your vanity!





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