Cream Contouring Made Easy


Many of you have seen these makeup pictures with brown and yellow lines drawn over faces and wondered ‘what the heck are these lines and why so much makeup?!’.

Example (my work for a photoshoot):

While highlighting and contouring is a makeup technique used mainly for photography and editorial work, us makeup artists also use it to do some corrections in the face and also for brides/clients to compliment their special events.

Yes it may look like a lot of makeup, however the intensity is adjustable to your liking. If you want an intense makeup look that will picture beautifully then you might want to go for a heavier dose :) If you are aiming for a wearable look, you can cut down on the amount of product you use and you will still achieve a great contoured look.

In this tutorial, I show how you can contour and highlight your face for a ‘wearable’ look. Again, you can use a lighter hand or heavier hand, depending on your preference.

The main concept is:

– highlight/add the light color to the high points in your face | highlighting them will bring them out and make them pop

-contour/add the dark color to the areas you want to push back, ultimately making the adjacent area pop

Example: to bring out your cheek bone, contour below it and highlight on top of it to make it pop

Hope you found this tutorial useful, let us know by leaving us a comment on the video with your thoughts!





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