STAR DUST: Vegas_nay X TooFaced


I spent the day yesterday playing around with this palette and I cannot explain how much I fell in love it

I created a complete look using it, and didn’t have to resort to another palette, although if you know me well enough, you know that I cannot live without my Makeup Forever palettes, ever since my days at the MUFE academy, I have always used atleast one eyeshadow in every look I have created.

Yesterday I wanted to create a complete look using that palette, because this is how I usually test them out. I ask myself if I can create one complete eye look using only that one palette.

Yes, I was able to, and as a matter of fact, I did a bridal look, for hooded eyes, and if you follow me on snapchat ( you saw the final look. I will be posting a quick tutorial on that look very soon, but I wanted to dedicate this post entirely to the actual Star Dust package, because it really is amazing.

This kit will be available in on 8/24/2015 and in store at Ulta on 9/6/2015.

 First off, the reason why I was able to create a complete look using this kit only is because not only are the colors beautifully coordinated and put together in a very neat and smart way, but also because the kit comes with glitter too!! There is an actual glitter pot in the kit called Glamour Dust in the shade “nude beam” it’s a beautiful champagne pigment dust mixed with glitter that is so beautiful.

Aside from the fact that it has the “better than sex” mascara and the amazing Too Faced eyeshadow primer that is basically one of the best shadow primers in the market, the kit comes with 6 cards that showcase 6 different beautiful eye makeup looks that Naoimi put together (aka Vegas_Nay on social media) with a detailed how to “get-the-look” on each one. From a simple every day eye to a colorful smokey eye, you can actually create any look using just this one kit.

The most thing that blew me away actually is the color coordination in the eyeshadow palette.

The names are super cute and relate to 3 themes I believe, 1) the city of Las Vegas and Naomi’s social media name “Vegas_nay”: Sin City, Chandelier, Showgirl, Jackpot, Sin City, Golden Nugget and 2) Star Dust: Millennial, pink pearl 3) Social Media: Double tap, selfie, follow me etc…

The blend of matte and shimmer shadows will help you create a variety of looks:

Millennial – a refined version of mac’s soft brown- a beautiful crease and transition color

Girl’s night: a chocolate brown for darkening the crease and for the perfect smokey eye

Chandelier: a beautiful under the brow highlight or all over lid color for a soft daytime look

Selfie: a beautiful inner corner highlight

Pops of color: jackpot, showgirl, the strip, follow me, golden nugget – these colors are beautiful for a cut crease look, packed on the lid heavily

The color coordination I was referring to is basically the first row is the “essentials” which you will use in every look. The last row is also an essential to every “heavier” look as it includes “double tap” which is a deep plum/purple for darkening the outer corner and crease, the black eyeshadow in “Sin City” and the gold sparkly shadow in “Golden Nugget” to give your evening look more of a pop of highlight.

The second and third row I believe is what sets this palette apart from other ones and is what makes it a “smart palette”. For a classic eye look, you either go with brows or purples, these 2 shades compliment everyone, and they are coordinated and placed right next to each other so that it is very easy for you to use. The second row mainly the brown pops of color that you can place adjacent to each other on a lid to create a gradient brown smokey eye look, and the third row mainly the purple/lilac pops of color that you can also place adjacent next to each other on the lid and blend out the borders for a gradient purple shadow eye look.

As I mentioned above, the glitter in the kit is beautiful and actually pulls the whole kit together in my opinion.


My reviews are 100% honest opinions coming from actually experimenting with the kit and creating looks on myself and on other people.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see some of the looks you all create with it, I believe the hashtag for this palette is #vegasnay4toofaced so let the look creations begin :)

I will be posting a video tutorial using this palette soon on social media so stay tuned for that :)

Lots of Love,



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